on campus— want to start your own grlpwrpgh group at your university?

Starting in 2019, we will be making our way to local Pittsburgh universities and colleges. We will work with a group of motivated ladies on campus to form grlpwrpgh clubs at each university, and will host one event on campus per quarter for other girls to partake in. Girls involved will have the opportunity to lead their own on-campus grlpwrpgh club, host a grlpwrpgh event on campus and find mentors from grlpwrpgh to lead them into post-grad life.

on-campus clubs

start your own grlpwrpgh club

Interested in what grlpwrpgh is doing in the Pittsburgh community, and want to bring it to your own community? We are here to guide you into starting your own grlpwrpgh club on campus, for girls and women at your university to unite, network, motivate and inspire.

Just like our grlpwrpgh community, you will be given all the tools, guidance and materials needed to promote the club, gain members, run events + run impacting social media campaigns.

Interested? Let's chat and get a brainstorm session going with an advisor at your university. 


host an event

networking, workshops + more

We pride ourselves on throwing some amazing events - whether they be fun and easy going networking meetups or full-out educational workshops.

Once you have your grlpwrpgh club on campus set up and running, we have a team to assist you in hosting an event of your own! Here's where we can get creative - looking for something more low key just to introduce grlpwrpgh to your community, or want to throw something educational with a theme? We're here for it all. Let's make some magic and get the good vibes flowin'.



meet your mentor

College can definitely be an overwhelming season in life - especially when graduation sneaks up on you, and you are left wondering where you're heading next.

grlpwrpgh is home to 100+ women from all walks of life, industries, backgrounds and knowledge. We will sit down with your grlpwrpgh on-campus club members and line them up with an appropriate member to serve as a mentor. There's nothing more reassuring than someone who just "gets it" and is there to guide your through post-grad, all while helping you make the right connections. After all, girls support girls, and empowering women empower women. We're here for it all.


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grlpwrpgh is a pgh-based female collaborative for babes of the 'burgh to network, collaborate, get inspired + share their story. join us for monthly events + workshops, quarterly weekend retreats, encouragement, friendship, and most importantly — community.


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